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Haiku It's About Love
Jennifer Ann Doug Hammer Karen Marie Garrett





Michael Jones | Deep Song

Deep Song Forgotten Road Distant Sun
Michael Jones Eamonn Karran Eamonn Karran





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New Life Best of Reviews New Age: The Piano In a Time Lapse
Paul Cardall Various Ludovico Einaudi


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Safer Places

Wayne Gratz Jennifer Thomas  


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"The piano is the quintessential instrument for solo performance."

Joseph Akins


"One man gets nothing but discord out of a piano; another gets harmony. No-one claims the piano is at fault."



"The piano exists apart from the performer. You must coax it to be a partner, and some pianos can be resistant. But there are many ways to touch a piano, and if the player invests the time, effort and the will to love, the response of the instrument is absolutely enormous."